10 Video Games That Are So Bad They’re Actually Awesome

4. Cho Aniki

Did you know that in Japan, there exists a hugely popular video game genre called kuso-ge, which translates quite simply to "sh*tty game"? A testament to the fact that creating games that are so bad they're good is an art form unto itself, fully deserving of our respect. Though admittedly 'respect' is a tough superlative to use when looking at the above picture...

The Cho Aniki series is possibly the most famous example of a kuso-ge, as you control muscular, spinning men in leather panties and viking helmets, blasting their way through nonsense landscapes filled with half-naked blokes spinning on office chairs, angels, and other inscrutable baddies that range between the surreal and the homoerotic.

None of it makes any sense, but nor does it need to. The gameplay simply entails permanently holding down the 'shoot' button while avoiding enemies, and the fun derives from admiring all the absolutely mad sh*t, or kuso, flying around you.

And yes, that thing you see in the picture is a boss in the form of a giant human ass trying to blow you away with the force of its flatulence. You can sit there on your high horse condemning all this as plain distasteful and stupid, but admit it, it's kind of hilarious.


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