10 Video Games That Blatantly Ripped Off Iconic Franchises

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

Deep Silver/Capcom

Video games are constantly being compared to one another. Sonic's a faster Mario, Battlefield is a more realistic Call of Duty. The comparisons never end. Sometimes they foster rivalries that help both sides thrive. Other times a game is actually just a shameless clone of the other and lawyers get involved...

The more successful that something is, the more likely it is that it'll get copied. Think about how many first-person shooters showed up after Call of Duty took off. A certain genre that involves 100 players is reenacting that same situation now.

If you want to see what an undebatable rip-off looks like, just search up the Chinese version of practically any game out there. Final Combat is just Team Fortress 2 with different names, Overwatch has multiple Chinese rip-offs (and just rip-offs in general) like Hero Mission and League of Titans.

What we're about to go over are some of gaming's most infamous (and successful) rip-offs. The ones that are famous enough to have reputations beyond just being copycats. Some of them will be good, some will be bad, but all of them will be unoriginal.


Kesten Harris is a published author and freelance writer. He loves the Nintendo Switch more than any human should and owns almost exclusively Batman shirts.