10 Video Games That Changed EVERYTHING When They Launched

Resident Evil 4 was a revolution.

Resident Evil 4

Most fans, commentators and experts will agree that the video game industry popped up on everyone's radars following the release of Atari's Pong in November 1972. Insanely addictive and an example of the world's modern technologies and all of their capabilities, it wiped the floor with its tabletop rivals and soon had dozens of companies branching out with their own takes and efforts in the hopes of getting a slice of the pie.

Since then, the gaming industry has had a history littered with memorable titles and releases that have revamped and reshaped how things have been done going forward. Whilst ambitious changes don't always work out for companies, the most memorable games in history are the ones who have been able to change the entire fabric of the community through bringing something completely new to the table.

From stepping out with a whole range of new features and mechanics, widening the net with a clearer tone and level of accessibility, to establishing a different kind of franchise with upgraded technologies, these video games changed everything.

10. Skyrim (2011)

Resident Evil 4

Few games can reach nearly a decade old, have eight different re-releases and still be regarded as one of the most beloved games ever made. That's pretty much the position The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim finds itself in these days having changed the entire landscape of gaming following its release back in 2011 however.

Set in the northern lands of Tamriel in the Elder Scrolls universe, the Skyrim world is one of the most richly diverse and lore-driven open worlds ever created. Hundreds of different characters, locations, quests and items were thrown into the game, raising the bar for open world single player titles going forward.

The visuals, character building and role-playing aspects all stood out from the competition and led to the game becoming the world's most acclaimed title ever in terms of awards following its release.

All of these aspects were some of the most heavily changed from Morrowind and Oblivion that came before Skyrim, with the previous character classes, guilds, factions and levelling trees all taken out to create a more mainstream-friendly title.

The legacy and success surrounding Skyrim has also led to the greatest level of hype for a sequel that the industry has ever seen, with Bethesda seemingly over-awed by the level Skyrim reached and conscious of how much expectation fans are going to have when it comes to finally releasing the long awaited Elder Scrolls VI.


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