10 Video Games That Cost ALL YOUR FRIENDS


Rain in Mortal Kombat X
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Multiplayer party games are of course intended to bring friends together for a night of fun, where even when the stakes get competitive, you still come away having had a good time most of all, win or lose.

Yet not all party games are created equal, and sometimes they’re designed in such a way as to make players muster genuine contempt for their long-time pals over the course of a session.

These games all proved scarily effective at threatening, even outright ruining friendships, forcing players to enter their red mist era and seeth with sheer rage at the injustice dealt to them.

Beneath their often colourful, seemingly laid-back exteriors, these party games often left us all stewing in our own discontent - basically the polar opposite of what you’d expect.

These are the sorts of games which would cause the night to end with someone being very, very pissed off, and then casually pretending they weren’t sulking when everybody met up again the next day. Video games, man.

If you thought Monopoly posed a serious threat to the sanctity of human relationships, it’s got nothing on these friendship-annihilating video games…

10. Mario Kart

Rain in Mortal Kombat X

Mario Kart may be one of the greatest multiplayer games of all time, but it should probably also come with a content warning - as should all the games on this list, really - that it’s liable to generate some serious dissension among your tightest pals.

How infuriating could a Mario-themed racing game possibly be, you ask? Well, given that Mario Kart is actually a low-key microcosm of the uncaring randomness of the universe, quite a lot in fact.

No matter how skilled a racer you might be, you’ll always be at the mercy of the game’s random item allocation. 

This ensures there’s no accounting for your slowpoke mate popping a Blue Shell on the home straight and taking you firmly out of the running with a single button press.

The Germans probably have a very long word to describe the specific brand of psychic pain felt by a last-minute loss in Mario Kart, because it becomes tough not to resent an inferior friend snatching the victory clean out of your hands.


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