10 Video Games That Deserve A Second Chance

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It’s no secret that companies within the video game industry have taken a step back to evaluate what made their games so popular.

From characters having an addictive personality, to the plot lines of the game being something fresh to fans, to something so simple as the graphics or game mechanics being revolutionary at the time of release, something about previous releases of current franchises have fans wishing for more.

Whether or not it’s the nostalgia of childhood that they want to experience, certain games demand a revisit in later life. Sometimes it becomes an eye opener that nothing is how you remember it, or better yet, the games age like a fine wine.

With constant remakes of great games being released in new engines (Looking at you Resident Evil 2), people tend to speculate what remakes of games could possibly be around the corner for current gen release, but are almost always disappointed when their favourite games are overlooked for something more appealing to the masses of new age gamers.

This has got us thinking about all of the great games we used to play, before the days of achievements and trophies, and which ones we’d love to see get some love once again.

10. Death By Degrees (2005)

bloodrayne rayne

Despite this Tekken spin-off gaining mixed reviews from critics, the overall plot of Death By Degrees was widely praised for its depth and ability to mix well with the Tekken lore.

A huge problem fans had with the game was the difficult camera angles paired with the complex fighting mechanics. Granted, at the time Namco didn’t have much experience with using Tekken as an intricate game, rather than just an arcadey fighter.

With the release of Tekken 5 and 6, they included extra modes that granted similar gameplay as Death by Degrees, but with less complicated mechanics and a more smooth way of controlling everything on screen.

With technology advancing and new engines being made, it shouldn’t be out of the question that Namco attempt another Death By Degrees-esque game; if it’s a remake, it may generate more buzz within the community, however a sequel or a different spin-off revolving around another character may be the best step forward.

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