10 Video Games That Did Cyberpunk Better Than Cyberpunk 2077

9. Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs Legiom

There is not a single hacking related activity or ability in Cyberpunk 2077 that is more gleefully satisfying and procedurally chaotic than hacking a car and using it to run over the motorcyclist behind it. Neither is there one better than texting a private military contractor lewds of their own grandmother and then electrocuting his face via the medium of spider-shaped robot. Imagine, if you will, what is running through that private military contractor's mind as looks up from the most disturbing text of his life, only to see the hissing, sparking form of an automated arachnoid assailant. This, to me, was the real cyberpunk all along.

That’s the cyber covered, but where’s the punk, you ask? To which I say: you’re in London mate. It’s probably hanging around in Brixton with a mohawk charging 60 quid for a photo.


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