10 Video Games That Don't Deserve Their High Metacritic Scores

8. Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Ending.jpg
2K Games
Metacritic Score: 94 (PS3/PC) 93 (360)

Considering the state of Bioshock Infinite back when it was first being shown off to now, it's a wonder anything came together at all. Initially pegged as a more supernatural experience where helper character Elizabeth would be pulling in all sorts of additional items and catastrophic set-pieces from other realms (like wiping out your enemies with a train, for example), all that was stripped back in favour of a far more basic shooter.

Even the ability to hop on rails and ride around enemies felt underdeveloped, as you never really needed to. Combat encounters continually happened in cordoned off 'arenas' that felt unnaturally placed when you consider the game was supposed to be set in a giant city. And that level of 'I'm in a museum'-like framing only scuppered the presentation of everything else.

Weapon upgrades were both pointless and barely incremental, the eventual encounter with antagonist Zachary Comstock was over in seconds as you lost control of your character, and by the time it all ended, the ultimate time-bending finale was just forced and needlessly complicated.

Infinite excelled in touching upon the idea of taking a vision of America from the 50s and letting it run without any global interference, but outside of that and some very neat art design, actually playing Bioshock Infinite was a total chore.

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