10 Video Games That Fixed Themselves Too Late

Aliens: Colonial Marines got working AI... five years too late.

street fighter V Cammy

The nature of modern gaming means that a bad game doesn't need to be a bad game forever anymore: it's entirely possible for committed devs to work hard to improve a title that just doesn't deliver the goods upon release.

Perhaps the most famous recent example is No Man's Sky, which despite launching embarrassingly feature-poor, has surpassed just about everyone's expectations in the years since, even including a free VR update.

Similarly, Square Enix managed to successfully reboot Final Fantasy XIV after a disastrous launch, even if the games that don't ever fix themselves are sadly far more common (looking at you, Anthem).

But there are also those games that are eventually patched into a superior state, and yet the player-base has largely moved on.

Ultimately updates which take months or even years to deliver what should've been released on launch often feel like a case of "too little, too late," as is surely true of these 10 games.

Though each was drastically improved by patches post-release, for many players they simply lost patience waiting and either moved onto other games or claimed a rightful refund...


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