10 Video Games That Force You To Be Heartless

These games forced you to make awful, heartless decisions.

Duke nukem forever
3D Realms

Even if in day-to-day life you consider yourself a pretty moral person, we’ve all got to admit we’ve done things in games we’re a little ashamed of.

It’s one thing, though, to make the conscious choice to go through games being the worst person possible - killing NPCs for fun, slaughtering animals, basically trying to be a baddie just because you think it’s fun.

It’s a whole other thing when, by no fault of your own, a game forces you into a tricky situation. You can be called upon to make impossible decisions, do really bad things or be complicit in something terrible.

It doesn’t matter if you feel bad about it or not, because for one reason or another you have to do the Bad Thing to progress or get the outcome you’re after.

I’ve got sympathy for you, I really have - I mean, we’ve all been there! It’s part of the wonderful power of video games to make you question yourself and your choices, and even if you’ve made some you’re not proud of, it might be a good thing for the overall experience in the long term.

Or maybe you’re just an absolute freewheeling gore hound, and you love every minute of it.

10. Beholder - Landlords Are The Worst

Duke nukem forever

As if landlords weren’t bad enough already, Beholder puts the player right in the middle of a fictional totalitarian state with the objective of spying on their tenants. Bugging flats and spying on your neighbours, your directive is to report any of them you deem to have the potential to be subversive to the state.

You do luckily have the choice to avoid being a bad guy here, but if you’re wanting to experience all possible facets and endings to the game then you’re going to have to swallow your pride and ignore your heart - and get bugging those flats.

As each decision helps redirect the story, you can find that there are certain times when there’s no right answer; occasionally no matter what you do, your decision is going to be wrong.

To get the most out of this game you have to stop listening to your heart and keep the achievements in mind. And yeah, don’t think too much about the police knocking your neighbours’ door down, I’m sure they’ll be fine...


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