10 Video Games That FORCED You To Be Cruel

9. Breaking Up Emmet's Relationship - Back To The Future

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There may be no crueller aspect of human existence than to deprive another person of love, as after all it's these types of personal bond that allow brilliance to flourish and for true happiness to be achieved.

However, the Back To The Future video game series turned you from a doe-eyed Cupid into an emotional hitman as it tasks you with actively breaking up a relationship between Doc Brown and Edna, a young reporter he met back in the 1930s.

Now to be clear there is a very good reason for breaking up this relationship, as it turns out that Edna prevents Doc from exploring a career in science, and even uses his vast intellect to create a totalitarian society with her at the very top. HOWEVER, that still doesn't stop the act of getting Marty to sabotage their relationship in several different ways a very cruel act.

Thankfully his actions prevent the world from coming under Enda's heel, but at the same time, it leaves Doc heartbroken for many years, turning to science as a means of burying his emotional side.

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