10 Video Games That Got Terrible Reviews But Were Actually Great

9. Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2


Castlevania has seen a revival of interest thanks to the successful Netflix series, leading Konami to put out compilation releases of it's older titles. Despite this however, it’s a franchise that hasn’t seen a new main entry since 2014 and that game was Lords of Shadow 2, which followed on from Konami’s franchise reboot the in 2010 under developers MercurySteam.

Taking a break from convention, its the only Castlevania game to feature Dracula (The now turned Gabriel Belmont) as the playable character, providing an open world approach compared with the linear progression of Lords of Shadow. It released to a mixed response however, with gameplay often receiving unfavorable comparisons to God of War. There was also wide criticism of Shadows 2's visual design, with modern day elements and enemy designs commonly targeted.

Combat was highly satisfying though, which felt smooth, discouraged repetition and featured some excellent boss fights. There’s no indication to whether Konami will develop a new entry at this time but for now, Shadows 2 fills the gap well.


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