10 Video Games That Had No Right Being This Good

9. Minority Report: Everybody Runs

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The movie Minority Report, a thrilling take on the Philip K. Dick short story, is quite the rollicking science fiction thrill ride. Some of the technology featured (those horrifying eyes) is just the right shade of realistic-enough dystopian fiction to make us all kinds of squeamish.

The Precrime officers therein are armed with a range of suitably ghastly and futuristic weaponry. Sick sticks and so on may not be a pleasant proposition, but it’s tough to deny that these sorts of things would be a heck of a lot of fun to employ in a video game. This is exactly what Minority Report: Everybody Runs delivered in 2002.

It may play fast and loose with the source material. It may be a little mindless, its environments a little samey and its platforming distinctly clunky. The crucial thing this beat em up does have on its side, however, is hilarious ragdoll physics and the arsenal to take full advantage of it.

In his journey to clear his name and apprehend the true villain, Precrime Captain John Anderton wields all manner of disruptors and gravity-benders. The environments are widely destructible, and foes can be blasted into, over and straight through just about anything.

A good game? Perhaps not. A fantastically fun one? Absolutely.


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