10 Video Games That Kill You In The First Level

8. Silver Surfer

Call of Duty Vanguard
Arcadia Systems

The Silver Surfer is a Marvel superhero fuelled by a galactic force called the Power Cosmic. The energy flowing through the cosmic chrome-dome allows him to fly through space, control atomic energy and have a strength that surpasses Thor and the Hulk. Because of his insurmountable might, comic fans were dying to play the Silver Surfer game on the NES.

But after playing this auto-scroller for a few seconds, you realise that touching anything is an instant death sentence. And I don't mean you will die if you come into contact with an enemy or projectile. You die if you hit ANYTHING. Despite the Surfer's supposed power, the shiny superhero snuffs it if his surfboard tips a wall or his pinky finger grazes the ceiling.

Not only does each level have extra-terrestrials constantly blasting at you, our hero can't turn around! If an enemy comes from behind, you have to wait until they're in front of you to shoot it. Considering the Silver Surfer is renowned for his godlike power, you'd think the Sentinel of the Spaceways could turn left and right.

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