10 Video Games That Knew You Lied

These games saw right through your BS.


Video games are escapist wish fulfilment above all else, allowing players to do things they either can't or perhaps won't in real life, be it conquering alien worlds, saving the day, or even just lying their asses off.

Lying may not rank highly on the list of dastardly things you can do in video games, but many games nevertheless allow players to become veritable bulls**t artists, either through branching dialogue options or simply taking control of a deeply duplicitous character.

Whatever the means, these games all allowed players to fill the shoes of a sure-fire liar, only to flip that untruthfulness around on them in an unexpected and often hilarious way.

These 10 video games all made it abundantly clear that they knew you were lying, in turn guilting you for your dishonesty and even finding a way to punish you for your underhanded approach to the "truth."

The consequences range from trivial to fatal, admittedly, but in each case showed that the game and its central characters knew more than you surely expected, and weren't soon going to let you forget it either...

10. Promising Clementine You'll Look For Her Parents - Telltale's The Walking Dead

Telltale Games

Telltale's The Walking Dead series tried to make your choices matter as much as feasibly possible, but far away from its many life-or-death decisions, the first season's fourth episode, "Around Every Corner," set players up to get caught in a lie. And worse still, a lie to a child.

At the very end of the episode, eight-year-old Clementine asks protagonist Lee if they'll have time to search for her missing parents.

At this point, players have three options - they can either flat-out refuse, say they're not sure if there will be time, or lie and promise Clem they will.

If you lie to Clem, she'll reiterate her question, at which point Lee looks sheepishly around the room and Clem devastatingly replies, "I knew you didn't mean it," before breaking down in tears.

And to rub salt in the wound, the game even displays the text, "You lied to Clementine," to remind you of your misdeed.

Granted, Clem basically gets upset no matter how you reply to her, but after being so casually dishonest, the game sure as hell made you feel guilty about it.


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