10 Video Games That Knew You'd Try To Break Them

If anyone knows a glitch, it's Bethesda.

fallout 3 stockholm

You’d think with the love and care that goes into the vast majority of video games, it’s only sensible that we sit back and enjoy the tailor made experience. Then again, it’s also pretty fun to try out exploits, cheats, and generally testing the boundaries of said games.

This joy is only doubled when we learn that not only has a game intentionally or unintentionally left an exploit or breakable option available to us, the developers also knew you were going to try and use it. Whether to chide you for cheating or grant you an easter egg, in each of these games the creators just knew you’d try to weasel out of playing their video games in a traditional way and decided to make sure you knew they knew that you’d stepped out of line.

Even though most of these seem to be having a go at you, there’s something to be said for both the effort that has gone into designing them and your talent at having found these entertaining tidbits.

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