10 Video Games That Launched With A Severe Lack Of Content

Does size matter?

The games industry is knee-deep trying to solve an almost impossible conundrum right now.

As budgets for triple-A games grow, so too does the size of development staff, production cost and the time it takes for new worlds and ideas to be coded from the ground-up. Reach strict release dates and satisfying consumer demand for new experiences is a hard ask, especially when they 'must' innovate over what came before. After all is said and done - and despite what some may think - the games industry is like any other business; its ultimate goal is to make money.

That being said, a happy consumer is far more desirable than a disgruntled one that's going to boycott your franchise if you repeatedly release sub-par games. Top of the big no-no list of things not to do is release your titles with scarce amounts of content, whilst still expecting it to sell in droves at full retail price.

Every single one of these games is generally considered to be pretty great, maybe even the king of its genre, and we're not about to say otherwise. But just because at their core, they're brilliant pieces of entertainment, doesn't mean they're exempt from being rightly criticised for lacking in quantity.

Yes, quality is just as desirable, but that idiom can only be stretched so far as a defence for these games...


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