10 Video Games That Launched With A Severe Lack Of Content

10. Mirror's Edge

Was Mirror's Edge ever really that good?

I have always counted myself as being one of the game's many fans, but as the years have passed, I've doubted whether that was ever really the case.

Faith was a breath of fresh air during a time when there had been a drought of well-written female protagonists, and the free-running angle (somewhat sullied by DICE's ultimate decision to include guns to appeal to a wider audience) equally so, but beyond those two pros, does anyone remember anything about the dystopian skyline we pranced across?

Probably not, because there wasn't much to remember.

Mirror's Edge's narrative is roughly about as deep as the shallow end of a swimming pool, and despite the moment-to-moment parkour gameplay being well-designed and fun, each stage hampered its own creative freedom by forcing you into a predetermined path without freedom of choice over a paltry nine chapters. Sadly, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, whilst offering the player more freedom, missed the mark for other reasons.


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