10 Video Games That Let You Battle Death Itself!

Death is never the end, my friend.

Brutal Legend grim reaper
Double Fine

Death, like the inevitable realisation that maybe putting a huge TV on a finance plan with extortionate rate, is something that can hit you incredibly hard if you spend too long thinking about it.

It's something that will happen to all of us, and indeed to the very universe itself. A slow tick tock of unseen hands pulling us all towards a distant midnight on existence. However, that's not saying we should go gently into that good night, my friends. Life is worth living after all, and if you need some good role models to show you how to stick it to death, then just take a look at these ten video games where you didn't just slap away The Grim Reaper's bony claw, but actively rammed a fist down its throat.

For in video games, even death itself can be overcome thanks to boss battles and of course that lovable incomprehensible logic that the medium is so famous for. So let's teach the end of life what it is to be afraid of death with these 10 video game examples of where you battled Death itself.

10. Death - Castlevania

Brutal Legend grim reaper

Death is such a fixture of the Castlevania series that it's actually surprising when it DOESN'T show up to roll some bones with the protagonist.

However you can't talk about this Death Daddy without paying respects to the first game in the series, as in this 1986 classic Death acts as the second in command for Dracula and is an absolute mare to beat. This sleepy spectre won't come and clobber you directly but instead summon scythes which will whirl about the stage in an attempt to turn Simon into salami.

What makes this even more challenging is that Death often moves out of range of the holy water, and the whip is so short that it often means risking heavy damage as the scythes home in on you. Other interpretations of Death in the series might be flashier with their attacks and presentation but the sheer horror of watching it slowly float towards you is one that will stick with many gamers for a long old while.


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