10 Video Games That Let You Become A Literal Monster

Oh god, the lack of humanity!


Philosophically speaking, when pushed, a man is capable of losing all rationale and "becoming a monster". Like how serial killers are described as descending into acts of monstrosity and depravity.

However, we're not delving into the psyche of what makes a man a monster today. We're looking at the actual, literal cases of characters turning into monsters.

Protagonists that through some magical, mystical nonsense or ancient artifact can become beasts through narrative circumstance. Or perhaps were created in a laboratory and know nothing other than just to simply be a monster.

There are those that are just born the apex predator, whether it be in the sea or outer space. To us, they're the monsters. To them, they're just survivors... but, y'know, also disgustingly vicious monsters in their own right.

There are times when it's just nice to not overthink these things and just have some fun on the wilder side. No stealth, no methodical, precision planning. Just wading in, staking your claim and wrecking up the proverbial sh*t.

Destroying cities, decimating in the name of the old gods, or even just something as simple as saving your girlfriend, they're all valid arguments for hulking out. Or even just because killing comes as naturally as breathing for some...

Whatever the reason, brace yourself for ten examples of games that let you become a literal monster.

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