10 Video Games That Let You Get Away With Being An Absolute Dick

8. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

The Watch Dogs series' central gimmick is the player's ability to hack the world around them for their own benefit, be it manipulating traffic, hijacking surveillance cameras, or tapping people's phones.

While players are largely tasked with using their hacking skills to bring down the evil antagonists, they're nevertheless also able to commit their fair share of dickish acts against regular folk who've done nothing wrong at all.

Case in point, it's entirely possible to drain money from the bank accounts of regular citizens who make average salaries and who will suffer massively from that theft.

That's to say nothing of the fact you can cause major traffic accidents and city-wide blackouts which, again, will hurt totally regular people.

The games do at least seem entirely aware of hacking's mischievous potential, given the inclusion of a brilliant multiplayer mode where players can "invade" each other's games and try to hack them without being discovered.

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