10 Video Games That Let You Steal Your Enemies' Powers

Nice power you got there! Would be a shame if someone took it from you!

god of war
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Video game villains usually keep some really powerful weapons and skills up their sleeve to ensure their fight with you will be engaging and memorable.

Their incredible powers make sense from a gameplay perspective, but sometimes, after having to take on their deadly lazers, earth-shattering soundwaves, and weapons of legends, you kind of wish you were able to play with them yourself.

Well, luckily, this is something that some titles out there actually offer. As soon as you defeat the boss, the game allows you to steal their powers and use them as your own! The mechanic is not only a ton of fun, but also offers you a rather satisfying sense of progression as each defeated enemy makes you stronger and opens up new paths for how you play the game.

From elemental powers, to blades, guns, and even entire bodies, the following titles don’t give their villains a monopoly on power. If you’re strong enough to take them on, all the toys and fun abilities at their disposal can be yours to play with.

10. ApocaFist - Saints Row: The Third

god of war
Deep Silver

Gang wars are a big part of the Saints Row series (well, until it gets to fighting aliens and devils, that is). Each of the original three games features a gallery of uniquely themed gangs that the Saints need to defeat to drive them out of the city, but Saints Row: The Third pushes this concept even further by not only letting you claim their territory but also their weapons and powers.

Whenever you defeat the bosses of the three gang factions in Steelport, you gain access to their headquarters, their members, and finally their weapons. These unlocks aren't just aesthetic, as the new weapons come with their own mechanics and stats, giving you new abilities to use in your crusade through the city.

Defeating the leader of the Deckers gives you access to his gang's neon swords, and bringing down Bane, the leader of the Luchadores, even lets you steal his signature move, the Apoca-Fist, which immediately explodes the people you punch into a million bloody pieces.

The system makes progressing through the game an absolute joy and ensures you always have something new and fun to play with.

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