10 Video Games That Made Critics And Fans Hate Each Other

Can't we all just get along?

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It'll be a fine day when two mass bodies can agree on something. No no, this isn't about politics or that ninjas are better than pirates. I am of course referring to the age old debate of critic versus fan. Professional reviewer with opinion against fanatical devotee with a different opinion of a game.

But what stings the most is when a reviewer or publication shower a game with praise and hype... only for it to not quite deliver on either. Do those that set these scores have rose tinted glasses on, or is there that stagnant whiff of paid reviews lingering around...?

Hyping a game about a story that wasn't really there, or convincing you that Evolve is actually a good game, for example.

Conversely, there are some games that are thrown to the wolves, yet the fans absolutely love them. Take Swery's weird detective/paranormal romp: didn't review well, but is now getting a sequel. Or lambasting what started the "walking simulator" trend, only to be proven very, very wrong.

We'll never hit a perfect point of agreement, but here's something we can reach consensus on: these games definitely caused some contention when they came out.

10. Terminator: Resistance

Deadly premonition
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It's been a tough time for the Terminator franchise. What should have been left at two brilliant films and a string of arcade games has been strenuously dragged out in the mess it is today. Retcons, timeline alterations, fates not being left to make themselves, it's been a trip.

But one weird positive to come out of it was not the reviews for Terminator: Resistance, but the reception to it from fans. It's not hit "cult classic" status like say, Beyond Good and Evil, but it's doing a fine job holding its own.

Average review scores, hanging in the middle territories, are overshadowed by the two thousand positive reviews on Steam alone.

But by no means is it a hidden gem of a game, breaking new ground in the FPS genre. It is, and I say this lightly, quite bland. Yet considering we haven't had a Terminator game in a while, this seems to be doing the job.

It may that it's only well received because it's all we've got, but people seem to really enjoy it.

Personally, I'm still holding out hope for a Robocop vs. Terminator sequel.


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