10 Video Games That Made Critics And Fans Hate Each Other

8. Dragon Age 2

Deadly premonition

To be fair, this entry could have been about Mass Effect 2 and would have still followed the same beats.

They both follow the same pattern: large, immersive story and world(s) in the first games, somehow shrunk into hub-based gameplay and less narrative depth for the sequels.

Yet for Mass Effect, it went better than expected, going on to be considered the best of the trilogy (no, Andromeda doesn't ever count). The same can't be said for Dragon Age's second offering though.

Critical reception was well received, with stronger visuals and more refined combat being praised. The same couldn't be said for fans though, with criticism aimed at the aforementioned hub gameplay being set largely in Kirkwall for almost all of it.

Bioware assured they weren't "dumbing down" the franchise, but it was hard for fans to agree when you put the first two games in a comparison test. Whilst combat was less turn-based and more real time, the dialogue wheel in place of the multiple text choice answers weren't appreciated.

The team did eventually bring some semblance back with Inquisition, but for a while, the future of the series was in peril.


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