10 Video Games That Made Their Creators Leave The Industry

When games push creators out of the business.


The video game industry is a harsh, unforgiving beast at the best of times, and despite the culture of crunch being exposed years ago, it continues to be persistent practise at most AAA studios.

While it's little surprise that many mid-level programmers end up burning out from the business after just a few short years, it's perhaps more unexpected that even the creative leads of these projects are often driven away from the entire industry.

Though writers, directors, designers, and other senior roles are certainly more protected, that doesn't mean they too aren't frustrated by the agonising push-and-pull between creative and business.

And so, these 10 video game creators all decided to leave the industry to pursue less-stressful pastures, whether a result of a game's failure, unfavourable working conditions, or perhaps even the toxicity of the fandom itself.

While in some cases these artists did eventually make a return to the industry in a different capacity, in each case they made emphatic exits when the chips were down, confirming that a lifelong career in the gaming industry is only for the most fiercely committed...

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