10 Video Games That Make You Feel Like A Genius

9. Braid

Portal game
Number None Inc.

Braid is defined by its chrono-manipulating mechanics, which allows the player to reverse time, even after they die. Since this power can be used indefinitely, you'd think it would take the challenge out of the gameplay.

But just as you feel like you're getting the hang of things, Braid keeps introducing new time abilities. When you encounter regions unaffected by time changes, you realise you can't rely on the same old techniques if you wish to continue. Although these sort of limitations can be frustrating in a game, it never feels that way in Braid.

Any time you unlock a skill, you feel like a child who just found a batch of new toys to play with. The moment you figure out how to use certain tools, especially the shadow doppelgänger, your eyes light up, knowing you just opened a doorway to endless possibilities.

Some puzzles require so much precision, you feel like giving up. But after a while, pulling off the hardest moves will be second nature.

And when you unlock the speedrun mode, you'll be compelled to give Braid another go, to see if there are more tricks to learn.

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