10 Video Games That Mock You For Paying Attention

Attentive players were "rewarded" with insults.

RCA & Saber Interactive

The great benefit of video games over movies or TV is the ability to freely explore spaces in which you would otherwise only be a fleeting passer-by.

And so it's no surprise that developers love to populate their worlds with as much rich detail as their budgets will allow.

And so it's tremendously satisfying for players to explore everything a game has to offer and end up rewarded with a surprise, be it an unexpected unlockable or a cute Easter egg acknowledging their meticulousness.

But every so often, there are games which go the entirely opposite direction and decide to make fun of players who must obsessively explore every last square inch of the map in order to be satisfied.

These 10 games all sarcastically put-down players who investigated every available nook and cranny, scanned the frame for Easter eggs at all times, and even stuck around after the end credits hoping for something extra.

While in some cases the humour was nothing more than a gentle rib, in others it felt like a personal attack on those committed to wringing every last drop of entertainment out of their games...


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