10 Video Games That MUST Influence EA's Star Wars

Star Wars is a pathway to many different video games some find... inspirational.


A long time ago, EA believed single-player games would become a thing of the past and that multiplayer or live-service games would become the next big thing.

Unfortunately, that prediction has not aged well.

Single-player games have proven that they are more popular now than they ever were, as they break sales records and scoop up multiple gaming awards years after year.

While other EA games have underperformed, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has surpassed all expectations and is on course to selling over 10 million copies. (For more info on how well the game is doing, and what EA have to say on future Star Wars games, check out the below).

So, if EA are willing to make more single-player Star Wars games, maybe they would be willing to make other types of Star Wars titles, too?

After all, Jedi: Fallen Order took inspiration from games like Uncharted, Dark Souls, Metroid Prime and God of War, so why not do the same with other games?

If that becomes a possibility, here are a few games that could serve as great inspiration for other Star Wars projects down the line.


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