10 Video Games That MUST Influence EA's Star Wars

8. The Binding Of Isaac

star wars jedi fallen order
Edmund McMillen

A little wise green alien once said that fear is the path to the dark side. This may be true in Star Wars, but in gaming, it usually means jump scares galore and running away from whatever horrid monster wants to eat our spleens. But in Isaac’s case, fear is an excellent motivator to help him run from his insane mother and fight his way to freedom.

The Binding of Issac helped bring top-down dungeon crawler games back into the mainstream and has inspired other games to use its rougelike formula. It’s success has been attributed to its solid mechanics, challenging gameplay and replayability through its randomised level design.

So it makes one wonder why the same could not be achieved with a well made rouguelike Star Wars game. If EA were to get this one right, they could make a dungeon crawler Star Wars game with all the same charm and style of your typical indie studio.

Whats more, is that such a game would cost significantly less to make than their more high budget games, like Jedi: Fallen Order and the Battlefront series.

Honestly, I’m not seeing many reasons why EA shouldn’t take this one under serious consideration.


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