10 Video Games That Obliterate You In The TUTORIAL

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In gaming, the opening tutorial should be perceived as a safe space. Noobs haven't had a chance to test out the controls or mechanics yet, so it would be unfair to cast them into the deep-end straight away.

As a result, the prologue offers newcomers enough time and space to get the hang of the set-up. During these sections, a guide may pipe in to offer instructions, tips, or clues. Sometimes, they'll hold the player's hand throughout, basically showing them what to do, making it virtually impossible to fail.

However, certain games are a big fan of tough love. Instead of introducing key elements gradually, the tutorial unleashes more enemies and objectives than any first-time player should be able to deal with. As such, gaming veterans will struggle to get past the introduction, encouraging them to switch to Easy Mode as soon as possible.

Now, that's not suggesting difficult tutorials are bad. In fact, some of the prologues on this list are top-notch. But it doesn't change the fact that anyone who gave these games a go was absolutely obliterated in the first five minutes.

10. Superman 64

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Due to the drab environments, repetitive gameplay, useless camera, and gamebreaking bugs, Superman 64 is a solid contender for the worst video game of all time.

But upon playing through the tutorial, it's clear the biggest issue is the controls. In the opening level, Supes must fly through a series of rings within an allotted time. In theory, this is the perfect way to kick the game off, since players should quickly learn how to control the spandex-sporting superhero while soaring through the sky.

Unfortunately, the controls are so sluggish, getting the spit-curled Kryptonian to pass through these rings is torturous. Also, Superman has to fly through each ring in order. If he misses one, he has to turn around and try again, which is unbearable due to the unresponsive controls. Since some rings are clipped into walls, it's nearly impossible for the Last Son of Krypton to squeeze though them.

Disappointingly, players aren't out of the woods once this section is completed. Afterward, Superman has six seconds to stop a car from crashing into a pedestrian. Because of the ridiculous time-restraint, failure is guaranteed on the first try. If the Man of Steel doesn't make it, he must endure the ring level all over again!


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