10 Video Games That Offer Their Best Content AFTER You Beat Them

You're just getting started.

Red Dead Redemption Jack Marston
Rockstar Games

In an age where video game publishers want to keep you playing their games for as long as possible, it's fair to say that many new AAA titles attempt to force-feed the player with as much listless post-game content as possible.

With the uptick in "live service" games across the industry in recent years, completing a campaign is rarely the concrete end for a game, no matter that the end credits might've rolled.

Too often, however, developers will just lazily hurl boring collect-a-thons and repetitive side missions at the player ad nauseum and call it a day.

Yet every now and then, they will go far above and beyond what most players reasonably expect, delivering a post-game experience that isn't just richly satisfying, but is genuinely more fun and challenging than the core game itself.

Sometimes these post-game elements are substantial enough that they entirely re-contextualise the game on subsequent play-throughs. But whatever they offer the player, these games absolutely saved the best until last...


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