10 Video Games That Pissed Off Gamers Right Away

The Last of Us Part II pissed players off and then made them slog through 20 more hours of gameplay.

The Last Of Us Part 2

The overwhelming majority of people play video games to chill out and unwind during their downtime, but of course, not every part of a game is relaxing - often the satisfaction lies in overcoming a tricky challenge.

But then there are those genuinely aggravating moments which leave players genuinely pissed off, and while most of us can tolerate a couple of these throughout a 30-hour campaign, it can rather sour the experience when a game leaves you frustrated and irritated right from the jump.

These 10 video games, whether otherwise masterpieces or abject failures throughout, wasted no time at all in driving players up the wall.

Whether they suffocated players underneath an avalanche of expository cutscenes, killed a beloved character off, or simply announced their own awfulness right off the bat, these games churned up mostly negative feelings in their opening portions.

Some of these games managed to pick up a head of steam and win players over shortly thereafter, whereas others remain hugely divisive, if not firmly loathed among gamers forever more.

The first impression is often the only impression, and these games doubtless caused many to put the controller down in the early going and never return...

10. Anthem

The Last Of Us Part 2

In games development classes, Anthem should be used as a literal textbook example of how not to open a game.

EA and BioWare's multiplayer action-RPG was hyped to the moon pre-release, even as many expressed skepticism that it would be anything more than another generic, squad-based online shooter.

And the first hour-or-so of Anthem goes about proving every single scrap of doubt and suspicion correct, confirming it to be a hollow, soulless husk of a AAA game that can't even get the most basic fundamentals right.

The opening portion is a travelogue of everything it does wrong: the boring story and characters, generic rinse-and-repeat missions, overheating mechanic which prevents you from flying for prolonged periods, egregiously long loading times, awful central hub area, and clunky matchmaking.

The worst thing of all, though? Even once you do successfully squad-up with other people, the ill-conceived tethering mechanic - which prevents you from flying too far from your teammates - strips most of the fun and freedom away from taking flight.

On paper, Anthem should've been a blast - donning Iron Man-esque suits with three friends to kill giant monsters and save the world.

Instead practically every basic aspect of its gameplay is a poorly thought-out chore, ensuring many were left thoroughly pissed off after completing the introductory section of gameplay alone.


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