10 Video Games That Punish You For Being Curious

Curiosity killed the cat (who was gathering collectibles).

Silent hill 4 the room

Due to the ever-expanding scope of videogames, it's normal for players to be presented with enormous worlds to explore - but with that comes an issue of content.

After all, you don't move all your stuff from a jam-packed bedsit into an eight-bedroom country manor and expect it to be well-furnished, so why should we expect the same amount of content after taking a smaller, linear game and making it a huge, open-world one?

Eventually, you'll run into a corner of the world the developers didn't expect you to enter into, and it's at this point they can either do two things - just block you out, or punish you hard.

But why punish me? All I wanted was to see if I could get to that mountain in the distance, you didn't need to drop a damned inescapable falling mountain piano on my head for my curiosity!

Some games just don't like you digging further than surface level... and they'll let you know about it.

10. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Hiding The Game's Hardest Boss In The First Level

Silent hill 4 the room

Two words: Oggdo Bogdo.

This bloated croco-frog monstrosity can be encountered pretty early on in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, on the lavatory-herb-hybrid planet of Bogano. What players might not be aware at this point in the game is that you can leave planets and return to them later when you're much stronger - you don't need to defeat every boss you encounter.

And yet there's something so initially unassuming about Oggdo Bogdo. It's in a little cave you can drop down into right near the start of the level, and the fight starts with zero fanfare.

You might be excused for thinking it's just a beefier regular enemy, so dive in there with your big ol' laser sword to chop yourself off a slimy cutlet - only, Oggdo Bogdo will make you one with the force faster than you can say Order 66.

Curious players will inevitably be exploring the planet thoroughly and have no challenge up until this point, so big Oggy will hit you like a proton torpedo in your exhaust port. Smart players will run to live another day, whilst defiant masochists (see: me) will repeatedly fight Oggdo until they run out of swear words.



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