10 Video Games That Punish You For Double Crossing Characters

Halo knew EXACTLY who you'd try to kill.

halo kill keyes

A lot of times video games let you get away with being a bad dude. A little grand theft auto here, some light kleptomania there, but sometimes actions have consequences.

The following video games were happy to let you make mistakes, be a bad dude, and treat other NPCs with disrespect but they all drew the line at letting you get away with it. Whether your treachery came in the form of betraying a faction, a love interest, or a close companion, double crossing any of these characters was a one-way ticket to an outcome you’d probably rather avoid.

Sometimes these punishments locked you out of the best narrative outcome or some great loot, and sometimes they just left you with a yucky guilty feeling you’d rather have gone without.

10. Leave The Seagulls Alone - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty

metal gear solid 2

It’s always fairly entertaining when a game gives you the option of doing something scummy with the firm intention of punishing you for it if you actually do it.

This is absolutely the case in Metal Gear Solid 2 where you can shoot innocent seagulls but your girlfriend Rose will be extremely unhappy about it. She goes as far as to ring you and tell you to stop hurting innocent animals, calling you a monster. If you keep dropping birds out of the sky or doing other shady things like creeping around the girl’s toilets or hitting on Emma, she’ll get extremely angry with you and flat out refuse to save your game.

Which is probably something you’re really going to want to do so, you know, happy wife, happy life.

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