10 Video Games That Punish You For Playing Perfectly

It's not always the time to get good.

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Unsurprisingly, the aim of most games is to get as good as you possibly can at them. Be it levelling to an insane amount of power in an RPG, learning a shooter's mechanics so well you can kill someone with your eyes closed, or having such a mastery of a puzzle game you know immediately how to solve it, every genre and type of game rewards you for develop skill.

Most of the time, anyways. Just to pull a fast one of you, some games like to actively punish you for being too good at them - either to dissuade you from grinding levels or similar tactics, or just because they didn't expect you to do so well the first time around.

This can often be seemingly by accident, as often this is because the game isn't actively made with players who are exceptional at it in mind. But sometimes it feels as though it's actively out of spite, because very often you don't realise you've been playing a game too well until either a boss fight sabotages itself, or you realise you've gotten the wrong ending to the game.

10. The White Chamber

Saw II game thumb
Studio Trophis

Arguably, getting everything "right" in a game shouldn't be the main way you get its best ending. Because, at the end of the day, it's generally hard to get everything right first time, and being locked out of a game's best ending because of a small mistake or two can feel kind of bitter.

The white chamber takes this into account - especially because you're playing as a character who is revealed to be pretty massively flawed, with the purpose of the plot being her learning to be a little less awful. As such, doing everything perfectly doesn't net you the best ending in the game - indeed, it nets you the joke ending, where it turns out the whole thing was kind of a prank.


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