10 Video Games That REFUSED TO DIE

These games wouldn't go gently into the night.

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It's fair to say that, of the thousands and thousands of video games released every year, the vast majority are quickly forgotten and disappear into the pop-culture abyss.

Just a small fraction of all the video games produced turn out well enough - or, in fact, badly enough - to actually be remembered and live on in an industry that's nothing if not wildly over-saturated.

Then there are those games which, by all rights, should've slipped through the cracks after release, typically due to a terrible launch which immediately soured players, or perhaps the more frustrating efforts of the publisher to actually bury the game.

But these 10 games managed to endure against the odds, refusing to be quietly shepherded into the night, but instead fighting for their place at the table.

Whether the developers worked hard to update their game following an unsatisfactory launch, or a passionate fan campaign kept it alive against the publisher's wishes, these games continue to live in on despite very nearly going the way of the dodo...

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