10 Video Games That REWARDED You For Being An Idiot

When losing was the only way to win.


Generally, most games try and make you feel like you're not a complete gooseberry fool. Unless it's playful mockery, nobody likes to be called dumb, even when you make a decision that, in retrospect, was totally dumb.

Usually, video games try to lessen the impact of your death, by having short loading screens after your demise, and negligible punishments for dying (if any at all). Some, however, go the total opposite direction, and actively reward you for inane, surreal, or downright idiotic manoeuvres.

It's perfectly, really, because these actions lead to a positive result despite how ill-advised they seem. Not only does this create a beautiful surprise if you manage to accidentally do one, it also softens the blow of what would otherwise often be considered a mistake.

Getting eaten by a pterodactyl is the move of an idiot - but getting eaten by a pterodactyl who then reveals a secret area to you is the move of someone so smart, they just sometimes look like an idiot.

Good things can come from stupid ideas - both in life, and in the ever-surprising world of video games.

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