10 Video Games That Rewarded You For Losing

9. Get The Legendary Sword By Dying 16 Times - Alundra

Metal gear solid
Matrix Software

If you're getting your ass thoroughly kicked in cult classic RPG Alundra, you'll be allowed to unlock a weapon which trivialises every single fight in the game by allowing you to end them in one hit.

If you've died 16 or more times, quick-restarted every time, and gotten far enough in the game to have acquired the Power Gloves, head to the statue of King Snow located west of Inoa Village and you'll be gifted the insanely powerful Legendary Sword.

Hilariously, though, the spirit of King Snow doesn't hand the sword over without first putting you down, saying that it would be "beyond heartless and cruel" to deny you the sword "after all you have endured."

Still, it's worth taking the low-key abuse given that the Legendary Sword will let you basically cheese your way through the rest of the game.


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