10 Video Games That Start Hard But Get A Lot Easier Later On

The difficulty curve got flipped upside down.


Part of the design philosophy of most video games is the age-old concept of the difficulty curve. It’s a pretty simple idea; as you progress through the game, it gets harder in order to continue providing you with a satisfying challenge.

Naturally, the more time you spend with a game, the better you become at it, so developers make use of various tricks like smarter enemies, tougher bosses, trickier levels, and more in order to make sure that the game doesn’t become too much of a breeze to play.

Likewise, most games start off quite easily in order to help you get your bearings and figure out how things work. The early levels of countless games are often designed to be kind to the player, teaching them various gameplay mechanics and holding their hand for the first few hours, before letting them loose.

That’s how most games are designed, but some actually work in the exact opposite way. In these games, the early stages are actually the hardest part, and players saw the Game Over screen way more often in the first few hours than they would in the entire remainder of the game.


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