10 Video Games That WANT You To Cheat

It's not cheating; it's part of the design.

Nier Automata

Cheating is a very serious problem in the world of video games. It ruins the fun for regular players, and in extreme cases, it can even lead to the downfall of a game when the hackers overrun its servers and make it completely unplayable.

For this reason, many game developers punish cheaters and either ban them or brandish them with unremovable items that let other people know of their crimes.

However, although cheating is generally looked down upon, in some cases, developers actually want the player to do it.

Yes, that’s right. Instead of punishing you for using cheats, some games encourage you to use them. This is because the developers realize their titles can be exploited in really creative ways, and they want to reward those who find them.

Although this goes against the convention of most video games out there, the following titles are built with cheating in mind. They want you to cheat, so you better not keep them waiting!

10. Use Shortcuts Or Lose - Lego Racers

Nier Automata

The name Lego Racers should be pretty self-explanatory. It's a game where you build your own Lego car and then go up against other yellow plastic racers. The game is obviously targeted at children, but the thing is, even as an adult, winning the Legoland tournament without cheating is nigh impossible.

Each track in the game contains one or several secret shortcuts that allow the player to skip large chunks of the map. It's a really efficient way of getting ahead in a race, as only the player can use them, and they tend to contain bonus weapons for you to pick up at the exit. Using them is also the only viable strategy when going up against the game's final boss.

Called Rocket Racer, the champion of the tournament is a slick space-themed driver that relies on speed and wormholes to get to first place. He will usually get way ahead of other racers within the first few seconds of the race, so your only chance of closing the gap is to use the map's shortcut and a few wormhole bricks.

After all, the developers made those shortcuts for a reason.


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