10 Video Games That Were Sold On Lies

The truth hurts.

Deep Silver

Forget Banshees, armoured tanks and Metal Gears; the hype train is one of the most unstoppable vehicles in gaming history. No matter how hard we try to tame our excitement for the next big releases, most of us wind up buying a ticket on the railroad of disappointment.

Fans get burned time after time, drawn in by dazzling CGI cinematics or supposed 'in-engine teasers’ that don’t truly represent a given studio’s finished product. Though the end fault might lie with us as petulant and undiscerning consumers, it begins with the publishers and marketers who sell their wares based on pure fabrication.

While there’s no excuse for raving tantrums about how a dishonest video game trailer ‘ruined your life’, there’s also no defence for a company that brazenly lies to your face whilst pocketing your cash.

E3 alone has a sordid history when it comes to misleading trailers and soundbites, and while such practices might succeed in securing initially high sales, the resulting backlash is often far more trouble than it’s worth.

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