10 Video Games That Were Too Damn Long

Some games just don't know when to call it quits.


Imagine every film you watched was the same length as the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended of course). Now imagine that the second half of that marathon suddenly dumped 5 subplots on you, switched genre with no warning, or just made you watch the first half again with a new filter. That is what it's like to play these games.

In attempting to stay relevant beyond the first few weeks of release and also compete with other triple A behemoths like Skyrim, or The Witcher 3, most games in the past decade have artificially extended themselves beyond the point of fun. Because obviously this is what everyone wants, not coherent plots or well flowing pacing. No, we want a huge open world with 5 activities max outside of the main missions.

If only developers accepted that games are allowed to be less than 20 hours long as long as they're coherent, good, and fun, like The Last of Us or the recently released Devil May Cry V. Then maybe playing some of these games wouldn't be such a damn chore.


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