10 Video Games That Will Change How You See The World

With the world going to hell these days, maybe it's time to adopt a different viewpoint.


Video games are time wasters. Things to do when you're bored, and there's nothing else to do other than shoot some dudes that you're told are bad guys, but you're not really sure why.

After all, isn't that all games are good for?

But what about the games that have something to say? The ones that bring along some deep and emotional story lines, well developed characters, and more importantly the ones that leave an impression on the player long after they're done?

Not only do these games exist, but in this day and age they are plentiful; there's nothing wrong with sitting down to enjoy a game and finding that your entire ideology and viewpoint on the world at large has changed over the course of its run time.

In fact those are some of the best games we can experience, the ones that ask the big questions, the ones that make us question exactly what we thought was right and wrong in the world, or the ones that make us think twice about how these virtual world operate.

After all, games are an art form - whether the media wants to accept that or not. These games prove it.

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