10 Video Games That Would Make Amazing TV Shows

TV's golden age could be the perfect place for all of these long-form stories.

Assassin's creed Revelations

Numerous video games have been adapted into movies in recent years, although only a few could be considered successful. Tomb Raider wasn’t great, and Prince of Persia was a disappointment. Alone In The Dark, Street Fighter, Tekken, all are examples showing that the transition from video game to film doesn’t always work as planned.

So what about moving to TV? A short two hour movie hasn’t proven to be enough to fully capture the long, detailed gameplay and story of a successful video game. But a TV show can span for seasons, taking its time to slowly unravel a story and keep viewers on edge.

With World of Warcraft passed and Assassin’s Creed on the horizon, Hollywood seems to be continuing down the video game-to-movie path, but let’s hope that in time, amidst the continuous rise of television, some producers will start looking to TV as an avenue to bring our favourite titles to the big screen.

And if anyone's struggling on where to start, they need only check out this list of epic games that would make awesome TV shows. Let us know your own choices in the comments below!

10. Mass Effect

Assassin's creed Revelations

In the Mass Effect TV show, Commander Shepard would travel from planet to planet, while falling in love here and there, whilst also trying to secure peace across all sorts of alien locations.

Cool blaster battles against aliens on hostile planets, beautiful images of the cosmos and epic interstellar battles are only some of the themes that could be brought to the small screen if Mass Effect was to become a TV show.

Good writing and amazing graphics would enforce a believable cross-species storyline that could provide a dark, twisted take on the standard sci-fi tropes we've become accustomed to, with enough action to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Sci-fi, love, aliens, cool blaster guns, what’s not to love?


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