10 Video Games That Would Sell MILLIONS With One Simple Tweak

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Brutal Legend
Double Fine

It's easy to look back at something that failed and say, "Well, if only they'd done this or that instead, it'd be great..." and go about your day. It doesn't change what's happened, but we like to feel smug for adding our two pence's worth.

The same goes with video games, too. You could be looking forward to something for so long, that when it comes out it doesn't meet yours or the masses' expectations. It could be that there's just one thing missing from it, that could have made it oh so much better.

It could be something as simple as not spoiling the exclusivity of an upcoming game on one console. Perhaps even not making us pay for single player, or worse, removing it completely.

Conversely, it might be just that little tweak to make a game's multiplayer online that would shift units tenfold, as your friends would be able to assist from afar.

Now, whilst some games on this list have gone on to shift millions, they haven't done it overnight. Nor are these flops, it's just that these little nudges (and the benefit of hindsight) could have really helped them reach their potential earlier.

So let's have a look at some games that I bet developers are kicking themselves for not thinking of tweaking sooner.

10. Cuphead - Made Co-Op Online Too

Brutal Legend

Cuphead, in my eyes, is a wonderful game. Its entire aesthetic, cute retro charm and fitting jazz soundtrack make it such a treat for the eyes and ears.

But, and make no bones about it, it's also bastard of a game to finish.

Thankfully, you can share the burden by having someone join you as Mugman, Cuphead's buddy. Which is great, you might think. Until you realise that they have to be next to you, or at least in the same room.

I don't have that luxury, as I'm sure many others don't either. I have a friend who is also playing it on Xbox, and is also as stuck as I am, but he lives miles away.

The inclusion of online co-op, not just local, would really bolster the enthusiasm to try and finish Cuphead. Problem shared, problem halved and all that.

It would also help push the game out more if people knew that that was an available option. Sure, some people relish in difficult single player games, that option's still there.

But letting people play from two consoles together would be such an improvement. And I might actually finish it.


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