10 Video Games To Play If You Love Game Of Thrones

Political intrigue? Dragons? Dark fantasy? Perfect.

Dragon age inquisition

Game of Thrones’ seventh season is over, and if recent reports are accurate regarding a possible delay until May 2019, we’re going to have to wait a long time for the eighth and final season.

Fans who are suffering from a case of withdrawal can look for a replacement show like Vikings, The Last Kingdom, or even The Expanse. While those shows are a great way to get your fix of drama, betrayal, political intrigue, medieval warriors and war, it’s almost too easy to burn your way through an entire season in a night or two of binge-watching.

This is where gaming comes in, as the kind of games that focus on such plot devices like the ones mentioned above are usually the most in-depth.

Whether it’s in the form of an RPG, a strategy game, tactical RPG, or an interactive drama, these video games can offer a fantastic way to see you through many long nights and get you personally invested in its characters and story, possibly even more so than a TV box set.

10. Final Fantasy Tactics

Dragon age inquisition
Square Enix

Final Fantasy Tactics was originally released in 1997 on the PlayStation, and then later as an enhanced port called Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions in 2007. The game uses a 3D rotatable playing field with two-dimensional sprite characters, yet despite its almost cartoonish and slightly dated looks, The War of the Lions is one of the most mature and complex gaming stories in the Final Fantasy universe.

The game’s story takes place in the Kingdom of Ivalice. After the death of the king, a civil war breaks out between the Order of the Northern Sky under the banner of the White Lion, and the Order of the Southern Sky, and the Black Lion. Each banner is lead by two Dukes who are battling to become the Regent, for control of the Kingdom.

With a penchant for twists and betrayals, the story in Final Fantasy Tactics is heavily influenced by the real life War of the Roses; a civil war between the Houses of York and Lancaster, which in turn was an inspiration for the conflict between the Starks and Lannisters.


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