10 Video Games That Totally Crushed Our Dreams

They butter you up, only to sucker punch you down.

Like the world of movies, video games are all about wish fulfillment, about allowing us to play out those fantasies that we can't in real life, to live the dream. If we want to be a secret agent, a bank robber or even a God of War, games are there for us, yet sometimes, as hard as they might try, it's just not enough, and our dreams are still mercilessly crushed before our very eyes. This can materialise through broken promises from video game developers, a game that didn't quite live up to our expectations, or a particularly harrowing character death that totally broke our hearts. These games, though on the whole actually pretty great, still dashed our hopes and dreams in one fell swoop, failing to deliver in one key area, or playing with our emotions to the extent that we could barely cope anymore. Every idea we had about the future of the game and its characters was uprooted by missing game modes, games that never hit their stride, weird endings and deaths we really could have done without. How devastated were you by these gaming mishaps and moments? Did we miss any classically dream-crushing video games? Let us know in the comments!
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