10 Video Games With Utterly Pointless Multiplayer Modes You Ignored

We'll stick with the campaign, thank you very much.

The last generation of consoles brought multiplayer to the forefront of gaming. It has always been significant to the experience, seeing players bring extra controllers round to friend€™s houses to trash them on FIFA or Mario Kart, but was rarely the main draw. That all changed in 1999 thanks to Quake which brought about something of a revolution with the gameplay focus being squarely on playing with friends over the internet. However, the really big move towards online multiplayer came with the releases of Halo 2 and Call of Duty 4. These games ushered in a new era, a time when people would continue to play their favourite titles long after release because of the social components. Many players wouldn€™t even bother with the single player, while titles such as World of Warcraft have shown how campaign modes were sometimes unnecessary. Despite all of this though, it is clear that there is still a place for immersive and gripping single player experiences. There are plenty of examples of recent releases that have sold fantastically well despite not having any sort of ability to play with others, including the likes of Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda, Super Meat Boy and Half-Life. But because of the success of Call of Duty and others, many developers are now looking to include multiplayer modes in their products in the vain hope you€™ll spend some more time with them. They are often misguided attempts that wildly miss the mark, making you wonder why they went to the effort in the first place. You might be thinking that adding extra modes into games is something that should be praised, even if they weren€™t perfect. Yet these superfluous components take away precious development time from the rest of the title - rather than adding a tacky CoD clone the designers could have added extra missions, improved graphical details or even added more depth to the story. Even if the additional modes were not terrible, they can still be completely unnecessary. It seems that certain developers just haven€™t grasped the concept that players will sometimes buy games simply for their single player story. To help them get the message, this article highlights 10 games that have absolutely unnecessary multiplayer stories that you really didn€™t want and definitely didn€™t play...


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