10 Video Games Way Weirder Than Advertised

9. Fahrenheit

call of duty black ops 3
Quantic Dream

Fahrenheit - also known as Indigo Prophecy in some territories - is the project that helped put Quantic Dream and their "interactive drama" games on the map.

Without Fahrenheit, we wouldn't have the more evolved and refined likes of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human.

Fahrenheit was sold to customers as a supernaturally-tinged murder-mystery in which a man, Lucas Kane, is possessed and stabs a man to death in a diner bathroom. While controlling both Lucas and the cops investigating the case, players must get to the bottom of the forces that made Lucas kill.

Even with such a heightened premise, though, few could've anticipated the truly barmy directions Fahrenheit would go in its final few hours.

Later on, Lucas begins to develop supernatural powers, resulting in a slew of hilariously over-the-top, Matrix-inspired action sequences which couldn't feel more at odds with the style and tone promised by the marketing.

Throw in some additionally absurd twists and turns - namely, shadowy rival clans battling for possession of a "special" child, and an out-of-nowhere romance between Lucas and the female cop pursuing him - and Fahrenheit is orders of magnitude stranger than anyone expected.

Sadly in this case the weirdness was more widely mocked than embraced, largely due to the jarring tonal shifts caused by major chunks of the game being cut during its rushed development.


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