10 Video Games We Love BECAUSE They're Fun Trash

The "hits the spot" junk food of gaming.

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You know, when I’m feeling fancy, I’ll go out and get myself some fancy tuna sashimi. Freshly cut, on a bed of shredded seasoned mooli radish. I’ll savour every bit and dab the corner of my mouth delicately with a fabric napkin, before sipping on a glass of moderately-priced bubbly.

But I don’t always feel fancy. I don’t always have the time to get dressed up to go out and paint the town... fish.

Sometimes you just need a bit of... rubbish. Grotty, filthy, rubbish. You want to just sit on your living room floor, in your pants, watching Better Call Saul, with a beans and Hula Hoops sandwich, scratching yourself and farting every time Saul Goodman grimaces.

There’s something inherently comforting about something you know is a bit guff, yet hits the spot like nothing else can. Supermarket Sweep. Big Mac. Hello Magazine. Post-club donner kebab. These are the little bits of crap that nourish the soul in a way nothing else can.

And the same is true for gaming - we don’t always want a Citizen Kane, sometimes we want a Good Burger.

Sometimes we don’t always want a God of War, we want some of this exceptional schlock.


Hiya, you lot! I'm Tommy, a 35-year-old game developer living in Gateshead (not "Newcastle", never say "Newcastle"). I've worked on Cake Bash, Tom Clancy's The Division, Driver San Francisco, Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, Kameo 2 and much more. I enjoy a pun and suffer fools gladly.