10 Video Games Where You Unexpectedly Swap Characters

A most shocking personnel change.


It goes without saying that most video games cast players in the role of a single defined protagonist who remains as such for the entirety of the game.

After all, taking on the persona of one character tends to make for a more immersive gaming experience, and what are video games if not wish fulfillment?

But there are those few games which have instead opted to toy with video game conventions, by unexpectedly placing players in the shoes of other, totally left-field characters.

Sometimes these surprise shifts happened for just a level or two, but in extreme cases we played as other characters for massive chunks of the game, with some developers even being sneaky enough to keep the new character out of their game's whole marketing campaign.

Needless to say, several of these character swaps left fans irate, while in some cases the swap was at least modest and minimal enough to provide a controversy-free compliment to the story.

But for better or worse, nobody saw these perspective-shifting character swaps coming...


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